Why did I start a blog?

Why did I start a blog?

To most of you, this blog might have been a big surprise. So, I’ve decided to write about what made me want to start my own blog.

I’ve always wanted to create content
I dabbled a little with video – and by dabbled I mean I tried to record myself ranting about wall patterns and it was awful, so I decided to go ahead with blogging. However, having said that I do not want to rule out video completely, maybe in a year. 

I want to work on something after my job
If you’ve read my blog post about quitting Dota 2, you probably know that video game had become a default setting for me. While having a job did make it hard for me to play video games every night, I found myself staying up late playing video games to ‘entertain’ myself. I put my graphic skills to work and freelanced for a while, but that isn’t something I could do every single day.  

There’s so much bullshit on the internet
As much as I do enjoy writing posts about myself in this blog, I also try to write a little about digital marketing. And as ironic as it sounds, my tutorials are not SEO-optimized…meaning I do not care about the keyphrase density, I do not care about the length of the blog post. Everyone’s busy, I don’t want people to browse through a four-page long article on how to change their display picture on Instagram. But, I do play around with basics such as setting a focus keyphrase and add blog snippet through Yoast SEO.

This blog will keep me accountable
Not only am I using this blog to track my goals(here’s the post again for your reference), I also want to be able to write about topics related to digital marketing, which means I first learn them>then I write about them here. 

I want to be ranked first when you search Karan Talreja
When you google Karan Talreja, I DON’T SHOW UP TILL THE FIRST 4 PAGES!
So I’m hoping that buying a domain helps establish my online presence. Okay, I’m kidding… I mean I obviously wouldn’t buy a domain and hosting for three years and I obviously totally wouldn’t go another layer deep by creating content on it so as to provide traces for Google. I mean, who would do that? *laughs* (this joke would’ve done better on video)

All my posts are written with the sole intention of either educating or entertaining. Thank you for reading this far, I hope I have brought value to you. And also, stay tuned for my next post where I talk about about how I ate a peanut butter sandwich AND NEARLY DIED?! (#GONE WRONG)

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