Getting started with Instagram’s name tag

Getting started with Instagram’s name tag

If you’re wondering how to convert your in-store walk-ins into in-stagram followers, look no further.

Instagram very recently came out with a feature called “Name tag”, you could say it is very similar to Facebook’s QR Code or Snapchat’s Snapcode or BBM’s… I’m kidding no one uses BBM.

Nametag scanner allows people to follow you, without having to type in your username into their search bar. More importantly, it gives us an amazing opportunity to be more than just a product. It gives us an opportunity to engage with your offline userbase or to let them know when they should walk in next to get access to your limited edition watches or to give them an insight into what happens behind the scenes or to create valuable connections, you get it. 

So let’s get started.
First things first, you want to export your own name tag scanner, here’s how:

  1. Open your Instagram
  2. Click on the search icon
  3. Click on the name tag icon at the top right
  4. Click on ‘Go to your nametag’
  5. Click on the export icon at top right
  6. Download as jpeg

Now that we have the name tag, how do we use it? More importantly, what’s the motivation for people to use it?
Will they get exclusive deals on following you? Will it help them be in touch with new launches/limited edition products?

Once you’ve figured that out, we’ll move on to the next stage – the creative.
In case you’re new to illustrator, do not worry – I’ve got you covered, below is one template that I’ve created, I might update this space with more.

As you can see in this flyer, I’m using a discount to leverage my name tag.
Download here

Tip: If you sell physical products, you could stamp this name tag on the package.

I hope this tutorial helped, thank you for reading, I appreciate ya!

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