Quitting video games for a month

Quitting video games for a month

All my mother’s prayers have been answered… Well, kind of. I’m quitting Dota 2 for a full 30 days.

Here’s a screenshot of how many hours I’ve spent on this game

Yep…I’ll let that sink in for a while.
3273 hours translates into 136 days, and mind you I’ve played this game on multiple accounts, so I think the total hours should be somewhere around 3500 hours(weird flex but ok)

Now, why am I doing this?
Very recently I happened to stumble upon a ‘me before 2020′ challenge’, I’ve listed down a few goals I want to focus on before the year comes to an end. Here’s the link of the post for your reference. And if I’m going to complete this challenge, I will need time. Specifically, the time that I spend playing a video game over the weekends. In fact, I’m pretty sure I would be in-game right now instead of publishing this post as it is a Friday evening. I can’t remember weekends before Dota, pretty sure I was doing something. What I’m trying to say is, Dota has become a default setting for me when it comes to ‘I’m not working on something, I have nothing to do’, but I’ve almost always had things to do, things that weren’t due immediately. 

My consumption of the game has massively gone down ever since I started working (from every day to just weekends), but I’d like to audit this time and see if it helps me be more productive as a person.

I do not intend to quit Dota forever, but I feel this would be a good exercise to remind myself that it is just a game and that it shouldn’t stand in my way to get more things done.

I hope to see you back in 30 days when I do a follow-up post, thank you for reading!
P.S: Next on my list of 30-day experiments is meditating.

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