How to Instagram like Gary Vaynerchuk

How to Instagram like Gary Vaynerchuk

*Long post alert*

I’ve always been fascinated by Gary Vaynerchuk’s content on various social media platforms, especially on Instagram. While many of us believe that a creative can be shared on different platforms, Gary has a different take and believes that your content/creative should be tailored to the specific platform. 

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of his latest posts on Instagram and Facebook. 

I find Gary’s Instagram to be very interesting. We can all agree that his Instagram is very valuable, it’s so rich in content as well as creative. So… I decided to study his Instagram, why? Because many people do social media because everyone else is doing social media and he happens to be on the side that does social media because of its opportunities.

Let’s start things off with Gary’s Instagram bio:

Mentioning profiles on bios, in my opinion, is the most efficient way to drive traffic. But that’s not the highlight here – many of us are doing that already, what’s special here is that Gary is not taking users to his website, instead he has “” as his URL.

Here’s a screenshot of the landing page – link tree helps you aggregate your links.
Why you should use linktree

a) It’s free
b) House multiple links under one roof (I’m not bad at puns, you are)
c) Takes only a minute to set up
d) Customizable

Now to the highlights/stories:

Captions/Subtitles – Went through 15 of his stories, 14 of them had captions and the 15th story was a static image.

Should you use subtitles? While captions are believed to be a best practice, they can be time-consuming, especially if you’re just starting out with video editing. Now I’m not sure as to whether you should subtitle your videos or not, here’s one reason I found on the Internet that was most convincing – accessibility, adding subtitle ensures that your video is also accessible to the hearing impaired as well as non-native English speakers

Repurposing content – Gary? more like Guru…at repurposing content. Once you’ve reached 10k followers on Instagram, you can add links to your stories and Gary uses this like a boss.

Gary has his own podcast called “The Gary Vee Audio Experience”, he picks out snippets from here, converts them into stories. But wait it’s not just a blank audio, it’s creative, there’s subtitles, there’s cool animation. In case you’re wondering how to do this, I have written a very quick tutorial on the very same topic, keep in mind that you do not need prior knowledge of premiere pro/after effects to follow the tutorial, as long as you can follow instructions, you’re good.

Another way I’ve seen Gary repurpose content is – sharing tweets on his story. It’s quite rare to see copy on Instagram stories and Gary is doing it the smart way. Publish post on twitter>Screenshot>Share on Instagram story.
But I have a feeling this does not apply to every single tweet, only the special ones make it to stories, and the ones even more special than that, turn into posts.

Sharing new posts to stories and why you should be doing this too – We’re almost in 2020 and organic reach for posts has never been the same.

But, you can use stories which perform better/have better reach. So you’re driving traffic from your stories into posts, and you don’t even need 10k followers for this – just click on the share icon on your post>’Add post to your story’

And now for the posts:

Clearly a lot of videos and a lot of tweets going on.

What’s the first thing you notice on the feed? A lot of videos with white borders and the title on them? You’re not the only one.
Do they work? They should because I personally have seen a huge uptick in videos of this format – will they work for you? you will never know until you try. I think this can be easily replicated by iMovies, however if a tutorial is required, shoot a comment below 🙂

Back to the tweets, I think only the really special tweets make it into posts.

Now apart from posting, there’s another aspect to social media – ENGAGING/REPLYING BACK.

Engagement is key – it is no surprise that Gary preaches what he practices. 
Here are a few screenshots I’ve taken from my phone about Gary replying to his comments:

What do we learn? Engage with your audience. This can also be in the form of a “like” on a comment, but nothing better than a reply. 

Slightly off-topic but important – How Gary’s feed changed my perspective on Instagram feed themes
I come from a design background, I love it when I get to see aesthetic feeds which have a template going on, I do not love it when there are posts everywhere and the whole feed looks cluttered. However, I’ve come to realize that although an aesthetic feed would be nice to have, it is not a MUST.
Situations where it is okay to have a theme –

  • You have the bandwidth
  • You know where your next piece of content is coming from
  • Your product/service revolves around design

Situations where you’re better off without a theme-

  • It takes a lot of time for you to put out a single piece of content
  • You do not have a fixed content plan

To summarize, here are my key takeaways:
1. Quality matters, but quantity matters more – In Gary’s words, when you focus on quantity and not quality, it allows you to understand what works well with your followers, thus giving you key insights, which in turn allows you to double down on certain content – thus increase in quality? Agreed? Agreed.

2. Do not underestimate the power of repurposing content – Not all of us have ‘pillar content’ like Gary does, but that shouldn’t stop us. [A little personal experience here – one of the brands I handle has a radio talk show in an interview format – here’s how I use this as my pillar content to create different pieces of creative –
a. First I upload the episode on SoundCloud and Apple Podcasts (Here’s how to get your podcast on Apple podcasts)
b. Then I take a 30-second snippet that I can use as a teaser and create an Instagram story around it (click here to learn more)
c. I am currently in the works on transcribing the interview and converting it into a blog post
d. And I’m also hoping to create an Alexa flashing brief skill around the audio]

3. Engage – You don’t have to “follow for follow” or run creative page like ads to increase your followers. You can apply the 1.80$ strategy – what’s this? You search for the relevant hashtags among your niche, go to the recent tab on Instagram, drop a meaningful comment and build connections. This way your followers are more authentic and real. Link below for more details.

I hope this has been helpful, thank you for reading.  

Here are a few important links from Gary:
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