Why I wasn’t gaining weight

Why I wasn’t gaining weight

“Karan, how can you make this blog post? you do not have washboard abs or 18-inch biceps.”
Well, yes, you’re right. But, as someone who tries to be fit, I would like to share my experience and more importantly, I’m running out of content to write about. So shut up, Nagesh.

Being skinny-fat isn’t easy. It fucks with your confidence so much. You can choose to lose a few pounds but hey, be careful, you don’t wanna lose the little muscle you have. Or you can choose to gain a few pounds but hey, be careful, make sure you only gain muscle and not belly fat.

I decided I’m going to eat my weight through 65+ kgs(See what I did there?)
I weighed around 56 kgs at that moment.

Two months passed by, I would consciously eat more than the normal, I hadn’t missed a single day of gym. I check the scale – it says 56.8 kgs. What was I doing wrong? Is it supposed to be this slow? Isn’t gaining weight supposed to be easy?

Another year passed, my weight was the same. I was getting stronger at the gym, but I couldn’t see those changes. Not seeing results can be very frustrating and also demotivating.

*Aug 2019*
My weight is now 60.3 kgs.

How did I gain the 3 kgs?
Two words. Magic. Pill. Calorie. Counting.

Let me explain, I thought I would gain weight just by drinking a high-calorie smoothie for breakfast every day. And that’s it, I would have one healthy meal per day and expected it to deliver results regardless of what I ate/how much I ate during the rest of the day. I wasn’t counting calories, I had no idea if I was meeting my count every day so as to meet my goal.

No, I didn’t go ‘crazy’ by tracking how many carbs my peanut butter sandwich had. I started small, by just making it a habit to track the calories of my meal and adjusting my meals accordingly.

I thought I was eating enough before, turns out it wasn’t. I realized I was majoring in the minors by studying about what foods to eat before/after work out, what kind of changes I can make while working out to help me match my goals – did they all help? yes, but I should’ve had my basics covered first.

Resources that helped me:
1. Macros calculator (such as this one) – To help me figure out what my daily calorie intake should be
2. HealthifyMe – Tracking my food

That’s it for this post, thank you so much for reading. 🙂

P.S: Here’s what my typical breakfast smoothie looks like:
1 scoop of whey protein
1 scoop of oats
2 spoons of peanut butter
1 spoon of chia seeds
1 banana(medium-sized)
I also throw in some yogurt if I’m feeling a little fancy

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