I got rid of 34 pieces of clothing

I got rid of 34 pieces of clothing

A couple of months back I happened to come across a Youtuber called Matt D’Avella. While initially, I would just watch his videos because I liked his style/production quality, something about his content appealed to me. I liked the idea of less, I liked the idea of living with intent, I liked the idea of consuming with intent.

I went through his videos and finally got off my chair and walked towards my wardrobe.
I can’t articulate the feeling I went through when I saw my wardrobe(Of course I saw my wardrobe every day, but it was not mindful, I would just pick out the shirt I would want to wear and that would be it), which is why I’m gonna put down a photo of what it looked like:

Yep. All me.
And I started overthinking, “Fuck. What if this wardrobe represented my life?”

I had enough motivation to get things started, I was ready to make a change.
I start browsing through every piece of clothing and asked myself a couple of questions.
“Does this pant make my butt look good?”
And if it didn’t, TRASH CAN.

Okay, I’m kidding.
The questions I asked myself were more in the lines of:

  1. Have I worn this in the last 4 months?
  2. Do I intend to wear this in the next 4 months?
  3. Do I like wearing this/does it fit me well?

And only if there was a piece that checked all these questions, I would keep it.
I didn’t realize the number would go beyond 30 or even 20(Sindhis are supposed to be very economical, no?)

What did it do for me?

Organizing my wardrobe was very relieving. Just something about knowing that I wouldn’t have to look at a mess every time I want to get dressed. And more importantly, this exercise has taught me to be more intentional with the clothes I buy. I usually wait out a wishlist item for at least 2 months before finally deciding whether it has to be moved to the shopping cart or not. I went from “wearing the 20% of clothes 80% of the times” to “I wear most of these”

Another huge plus from this whole experience was that I came across a couple of shirts that I sporadically wore.
Tshirts I sporadically wore = New t-shirts 😉

Here’s a picture of what my wardrobe looks like now:

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. It’s still a lot, I know. 
I’m just not ready to give up some items just yet.

When was the last time you went through your wardrobe?
Do it now. And do some good.

You can donate your clothes to those in need… I get it, you’re busy, no worries. You can arrange for a pickup from sads.org for a small fee.

P.S: Trying to live/purchase/consume with intent is not cheap. It’s smart. “Karan, isn’t that a Sindhi’s argument against everything?“… Shut up.

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