Tiny hacks to help me work efficiently

Tiny hacks to help me work efficiently

If you know me personally, you’re probably thinking “Karan, you’re 21, what do you know about working?”
Yes, I have been working only for a year now, but as someone who is obsessed with speed, I have come up with a few “hacks” that help me be efficient at my work.
If you don’t know me personally, here’s what you need to know – I’M ALSO OBSESSED WITH GAINS. No, not the bicep gains. I’m talking about marginal gains – which means I’m always looking at ways I can improve my work, even as small as 1%, because they ALL ADD UP.

Here they are:

  1. Increase mouse pointer speed
    This is not a joke. I agree that in a single day you only end up saving maybe a minute, but in the grand scheme of things…

  2. Adjust performance of windows
    This comes at a cost, it’ll make people think you’re operating on windows 97. But on the flip side, you can multitask much more efficiently.

  3. Use Google Tasks
    Google tasks integrated with Gmail is honestly a blessing. Here’s what my typical workday looks like: read emails, create a to-do list on Google tasks[without having to switch tabs], mark tasks as done.

  4. Declutter
    Just like how decluttering your work desk can help you be more productive, I believe that I work better knowing that I don’t have to look at a mess of a desktop.

  5. Download files to desktop
    This is connected to tip no. 4. Let me explain, you only download files you need to view/forward, right? Well, if you download these files to desktop, there’s a good chance that you’d see them every day even when they’re not needed, and what do you do with them? recycle bin.

  6. Clear temporary files
    If you haven’t heard of this, chances are you have gigabytes of temporary files that are slowing down your experience with the PC. To clear them, all you have to do is: Windows key + R(run) > type “%TEMP%” and hit enter > select all the files and permanently delete them.

  7. Mute social media notifications/turn off wifi on your phone
    We can’t help but look at the phone as soon as it buzzes, this needs to be stopped. Not only is it a little disrespecting to someone who is talking to you in a meeting but can also derail your train of thought(nice pun, eh?)
    You can use something like IFTTT to automate this as per your work timings.

  8. Be proactive, not reactive
    Is there something that’s due tomorrow? Can it be done today without interrupting your normal work? Well then, do it today.

  9. Go easy on yourself
    Sometimes things get in the way, some tasks take longer than anticipated. And that’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up for it, just show up the next day and get it done.

I hope this helped, I will now get back to editing a video and writing a new article while listening to a podcast about data science, all at the same time.

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